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Asbestos Services

  • Asbestos Surveys (Demolition or Renovation)
  • Suspect Asbestos Bulk Sampling by Licensed Inspectors
  • Bulk Sample Analysis in our NVLAP Approved Laboratory
  • Nationally licensed Laboratory Services
  • Airborne Fiber Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Design by a Certified Project Designer
  • Project Specifications and Bidding Documents
  • On-Site Project Management
  • On-Site PCM Air Sampling and Analysis by NIOSH Certified Analysts
  • TEM Final Clearance Air Sampling
  • Operations and Maintenance Programs
  • AHERA Three-Year Re-Inspections
  • Six-Month Periodic Surveillances
  • Final Reporting in Full Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Regulations and Requirements
  • OSHA Compliance Monitoring
Black/Sewer Water

Black/Sewer Water Intrusions

ACM Engineering & Environmental Services specializes in consultation, project management, sampling services and remediation recommendations that are designed to control and reduce potential risks that may arise from contamination by Black Water / Sewage Water intrusions.

ACM can provide any or all of the following services to assist our clients in managing Black Water / Sewage Water intrusion concerns:

  • Surveys, Inspections and Rapid Complaint Response
  • Determination of the Category of Water Intrusion
  • Bacteria Air, Wipe, and Bulk Sampling
  • Moisture Content Testing
  • Complete Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Development of Recommendations for Remediation Following the Standards Set by the IICRC / S500 Standard for Water Damaged Restoration
  • Water Analysis for Coliforms and E. Coli
Fire Investigation

Fire Cause & Origin Forensic Investigation

A Cause & Origin Forensic investigation is conducted at the loss site to determine the location of fire origin and the ignition source. When appropriate, sampling is performed for preservation and analysis.

Evidence, awaiting further examination, is properly labeled, tagged and secured. Samples collected are archived for future use and are not disposed of until written consent is provided.

The Full Forensic Investigation includes fire scene analysis, cause & origin determination, scene photography, evidence preservation, record searches, and interviews of individuals who may have pertinent information regarding the loss. This investigation is tailored to the individual situation and will provide the most comprehensive picture of the loss and surrounding circumstances.

ACM will provide all necessary technical staff, equipment, sample analysis, and generate a comprehensive forensic report in a cost-effective and timely manner.

A written report will be issued that includes the following:

  • Site Visit to Observe Current Conditions
  • Interviews with Involved Parties
  • Ascertain the Nature of the Fire
  • Accidental vs. Arson Indicators
  • Presence, Distribution and Identity of Accelerants
  • Material Sampling and Analysis
  • Photographic Documentation
Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

ACM Engineering & Environmental Services specializes in the evaluation and investigation of typical Indoor Air Quality (Sick Building Syndrome) concerns that can originate from poor indoor ventilation, air contaminants, odors, moisture and wetness, fungus (mold) and bacteria contamination, and thermal conditions. Occupant's symptoms of Indoor Air Quality problems may include headache, dizziness, sinus congestion, and eye, nose and throat irritation.

ACM can provide any or all of the following services to assist our clients in managing Indoor Air Quality concerns:

  • Florida Licensed Mold Assessors
  • On-Site Monitoring for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Relative Humidity, and Temperature
  • Chemical Identification and Quantification Sampling
  • Formaldehyde Sampling and Aldehyde Screening
  • Occupational Exposure Monitoring
  • Mold and Bacteria Air, Wipe, and Bulk Sampling
  • Dust Mite Sampling
  • Nuisance Dust Sampling
  • Complete Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Development of Recommendations for Remediation

Lead Services

ACM provides the following lead related services:

  • XRF Lead-Based Paint Testing
  • Lead Base Paint Surveys and Risk Assessments (Partial or Comprehensive) performed by licensed lead paint inspector and risk assessors
  • Lead, Air, Dust, Wipe, Bulk, Soil and Water Sampling
  • Risk Assessments
  • Project Design and Remediation Plans
  • Project Specifications and Bidding Documents
  • On-Site Project Management
  • Final Reporting in Full Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Requirements and Regulations
  • OSHA Compliance Monitoring

Microbial Services

Microbial Contamination

Catastrophic water or moisture damage and improper building construction or repairs can often trap moisture on the surface of, within or behind walls, ceilings, flooring or ductwork, creating a breeding ground for potentially toxic mold. Unless this moisture is addressed in a thorough and timely manner, even new buildings can become a hazardous environment. Various types of mold have been suspected of causing medical problems such as; allergic reactions, respiratory tract irritation, hypersensitivity, yeast infections and aspergillosis. Mold can also damage furnishings, destroy wood, drywall, sheet rock, carpeting, insulation materials, etc. and compromise the structural integrity of a building.

Inspection / Assessment

ACM performs an in-depth inspection to identify and sample areas of possible mold contamination. We also obtain air and surface samples for mold identification and quantification. ACM's inspection teams use specialized, state of the art equipment to view and access areas such as elevator shafts, ductwork, airshafts and voids behind walls, ceilings or raised floors, to locate hidden contamination. All inspectors adhere to The State of Texas regulations concerning mold assessments.

Project Design, Remediation Protocol, Clearances & Management Services

ACM has proven that no mold project design and/or management remediation project is too large or small for us to undertake. Our expertise and skills ensure that microbial contamination remediation will be controlled in a safe and cost effective manner that minimizes damage to a facility and its occupants. ACM brings innovative techniques and large forces of experienced staff to design and manage remediation projects. All ACM Remediation Protocols comply with The State of Texas regulatory requirements for mold remediation design and clearance.

Fungal (Mold) Laboratory Services

  • All Laboratory Technicians Completed the Intensive "Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Spore Identification" Course at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, Illinois
  • ACM's Laboratory Is an AIHA-LAP EMLAP Accredited Laboratory (Lab# 102187)
  • ACM Specializes in Analysis of Optical Air, Tape and Bulk Fungal (Mold) Samples
  • ACM Microscopists Utilize a 100x Oil Immersion Objective to Identify Fungal Structures to the 2-Micron Level at 1000X Magnification
  • ACM's Laboratory Prides Itself on Maintaining a Maximum of 48-Hour Turn-Around Time On All Optical Air, Tape and Bulk Fungal (Mold) Samples
Other Services

Cost Reduction

ACM has been providing critical environmental and cost reduction services for schools, medical facilities, and hotels/lodging facilities throughout the country. Below are some of the services ACM provides.

Moisture Testing and Visible Mold Identification of New Construction and Remodeling Projects Prior to the Expiration of Warranties.

Construction deficiencies in building materials and workmanship would be corrected while warranties and guaranties are still in effect. A six to twelve month latency period usually exists from the completion of a project to the point when water intrusions and visible mold growth are identified. This program will limit expenditures for unnecessary maintenance expenses and remodeling to correct original construction deficiencies.

Moisture Testing and Visible Mold Identification of Existing Facilities

This service will assist each school, medical and hotel/lodging facility in addressing potential moisture and mold source within the facility. Recommendations will be developed to address environmental conditions in a safe and cost effective manner.

Professional Consulting

ACM provides professional consultants for engineering, environmental, industrial hygiene, project design, protocol development, critique of third party reports and other related services. ACM is constantly improving the range of professional abilities and services provided due to regulatory changes, new techniques, and technical advances which benefit our clients.

Expert Witness

Our professional staff has extensive experience providing expert witness testimony and reports for attorneys, law firms, and individuals.

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