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The Doctor Oz Show

In a segment on the Dr. Oz Show, April 2010, entitled “Buried Alive: The Science Behind Hoarders”, Dr. Oz and Dr. David Dia help a woman recognize her hoarding habits. The show reveals how mold can accumulate in damp and cluttered areas of a neglected home and can cause health problems, such as respiratory issues, fatigue and allergy symptoms.

ACM Engineering and Environmental Services was selected as the environmental company to perform consulting services on the subject of mold out of a nationwide search and was contracted to perform an inspection on the homeowner’s 2-story residence.

ACM’s involvement in the episode demonstrated that hoarding can have residual affects on a home and the individuals who occupy it. A protocol was developed to assess the situation in order to determine the impact that the mold and moisture issues, caused by neglecting routine maintenance and cleaning, were having on the indoor air quality of the home.

Proper care should be taken when dealing with the testing and removal of mold. The situation should be assessed by a properly trained and experienced environmental hygienist who practices proper industrial hygiene disciplines in accordance to industry guidelines and standards. Following the inspection and protocol development, remediation should be handled by a properly trained and experienced contractor that specializes in mold and water damaged material remediation.

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